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Refresh for NZ's cyber security regime

Paul Brislen, Editor. 16 April 2018, 8:35 am

The government's cyber-security environment is to be refreshed as the number of threats facing New Zealand grows ever steadily upward.

IT and Communications minister, Clare Curran, has called for the review to ensure New Zealand is doing what it can to protect both private and public data in the ever-changing threatscape.

"This government has committed to building a connected nation, promoting, and protecting digital rights. We intend to close the digital divides by 2020, and to make ICT the second largest contributor to GDP by 2025. A modern, responsive cybersecurity system is essential to this," says Curran in a release announcing the move.

The current cyber-security environment was created in 2015 and has really only just begun to gain traction in the marketplace.

CERT, the cyber-security agency that has a role raising awareness of security matters, has recently released its fourth quarterly report, and has a good track record of encouraging the reporting of attacks and of working with business in particular to ensure cyber safety.

On top of that, the government has a raft of other initiatives in play.

"This includes … delivery of CORTEX malware detection and disruption services, cyber security awareness campaigns, the first Cyber Security Summit, Protective Security Requirements for government agencies, work to improve the cyber security of small businesses, a focus on building a cyber security workforce, developing NZ Police skills to respond to cybercrime and international engagement on cyber security issues," says the release.

The refresh should ensure New Zealand is investing the right resources in the right way, "across protective security, civilian, military, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies to make the greatest improvement to the security of our digital infrastructure and communications."

The aim is to ensure New Zealand has a "more joined-up", cross-government approach and works well with government and private sector actors.

The minister intends to report back to Cabinet by the end of July.


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