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The future: coming, ready or not

Paul Brislen, Editor. 14 December 2017, 4:22 pm

What a year it's been. Bitcoin, net neutrality, the return of the content wars, the change of government, ransomware, the mother of all hacks (parts one, two, three and probably a few more), copyright issues, telcos buying and selling themselves and plenty more.

We were woken by a test of the emergency civil defence alert, we were lulled to sleep by Apple's new product launches (hint: more of the same only slightly taller/clearer/faster). We welcomed the MBIE report that said ICT and digital tech is now worth $10 billion a year, and we farewelled PowerbyProxie, bought by the Americans (well, Apple) for an Undisclosed Sum (rumoured to be north of $40 million).

Internationally we've seen laptops banned from aircraft (well, not all aircraft, just from certain countries. Well not from certain countries but from certain cities. Well, not even from them but oh well, the threat has passed now), and ratbags from around the world attack both networks and companies in New Zealand and the newly-minted CERT NZ was able to give us a proper accounting of it for the first time.


Xmas 2017.jpg

And so we enter that phase of the year called "the silly season" where Christmas parties slowly give way to the brownout period and we're all supposed to head to the beach to recharge.

I can't wait, especially if the weather stays like this.

So barring sudden, urgent news that needs to be covered, we'll see you in The Future. Next year will be radically different but very similar to this I am sure, but whether we like it or not it's on its way.

Stay safe, switch off your phones, hug your families and we'll see you again in 2018.


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