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International news from IFIP

Elizabeth Eastwood, Guest post. 15 May 2017, 7:49 am
International news from IFIP

ITP has been profiling some of the international bodies doing some great things for the IT profession, and explaining how New Zealand's tech community can engage. This month we have more news from IFIP, the international federation of national tech professional bodies like ITP, and have asked New Zealand's IFIP representative, Elizabeth Eastwood, to give us an update.

Recently IFIP has been busy on several fronts: 

  1. Raising it's profile in an effort to become more relevant, and 
  2. Attracting additional ICT organisations into the fold, and
  3. Improving the website. 

To whet your appetite here are a couple of items…

An interview with the new Irish president, Mike Hinchey, reveals his capability to engage with a wide audience

IFIP influences the United Nation to encourage the debate on Artificial Intelligence and ethics,

IFIP influences ICT education worldwide, visit

IFIP is the primary caretaker for ethics in ICT

For more initiatives in your particular areas of interest, visit

For details of all the technical conferences, visit

For details of all the technical committees, visit 

Elizabeth Eastwood is New Zealand's representative to IFIP, via the Institute of IT Professionals NZ.


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