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IITP announces rebrand to IT Professionals New Zealand

IITP Team. 06 September 2016, 8:00 am

The Institute of IT Professionals NZ (IITP) today announced a change to the IITP brand. The announcement to members was as follows: 

In recent years we've been on a journey; modernising and transforming the organisation to be increasingly relevant and responsive to today's tech professional community.

This has seen a renewed focus on our community and a complete revamp of activities and initiatives. We're really excited to tell you about the next step on this journey.

From later this month, IITP will be becoming simply IT Professionals New Zealand.


This is a brand refresh rather than a full and formal name change - our legal name will remain and no changes are occuring to our Constitution or Objects.

As you can see, we're maintaining a very similar logo including retaining the main [I]ITP diamond. However we believe the new brand is clearer, bolder and more modern - while also being clear that we're about the people who work with technology.


Our journey

The Institute's journey began in 1960 with the formation of the NZ Data Processing and Computer Society, renamed to NZCS in 1967, then to IITP in 2012.

In recent years we've seen some major changes, including the introduction of professional accreditations (Chartered IT Professional NZ and Certified Technologist), the largest independent collaborative tech conference ever in ITx 2016, tertiary degree accreditation and recognition, hundreds of events and workshops around the country, a major in-school programme promoting working in the industry, a very fast growing membership, significant work transforming all of the education pathways into the profession, a greater level of engagement with Government than ever before, and much, much more.

There have been many steps along this journey, and we're really excited to let you know about this one. But it's not just our brand that's changing.


ITP: What's changing

This isn't just a change in logo and abbreviation in name. Over the last couple of months we've undertaking a significant piece of work on the "ITP Story" - basically how we communicate who we are, why we exist and what we do.

ITP is your professional tech community - a community of people who work with tech and strongly believe in professional practice.

From next month you'll see a stronger emphasis on our initiatives designed to develop professionals, plus a renewed focus on why we do what we do, not just what we do. This will also see greater clarity in how we communicate the services we provide for our members, and the activities we do on behalf of our community.

You'll also see some new benefits and activities coming online for our community over the coming months, including an exclusive member Video Library of over 100 conference and event videos from around New Zealand.



As mentioned above, IITP won't change to ITP from today - we're just letting you know what's coming. The website is scheduled to go live on Tuesday 27th September with the ITP Story rolled out after that date.


Want to know more about the change and how it affects you? Click here


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